our values & ethics

inclusion & self-discovery

Tasmanian Men’s Health and Wellbeing Incorporated, known as Tasmen, is a voluntary organisation. It  has been created to meet some of the needs of men seeking to improve their wellbeing, including those struggling with isolation and emotional distress by providing an environment that supports healing and self reliance.

We provide gatherings for men on an annual basis. These gatherings provide a safe space for interaction, healing and strengthening. We also provide  small number of workshops and assist with the creation of men’s support groups. We run an email discussion group for men who have participated in our activities.

We value inclusion. Our activities are open to all men.


We value self discovery. Our activities are apolitical and nonreligious.


We value authenticity. We encourage men to speak from their heart, and to speak of their lived experience, and their feelings and thoughts.


We value responsibility and accountability: We support men to be fully responsible for their situation and their choices.


We value non-judgemental listening. We encourage men to listen to others and to feedback to them in a non-judgemental way.


We value peace.   We do not support violence or any form of abuse, including sexual abuse or bullying under any circumstance.  We will provide as much support as we can for men to develop peaceful and nonviolent forms of relating with women, men and children.


We value gratitude, kindness, and generosity.