Talent Release

Participants at a Tasmanian Men's Gathering or other event may be photographed or recorded.

  1. I agree to and provide permission for the photographic, video, audio or any other form of electronic recording of me for and on behalf of the Tasmanian Men’s Health and Wellbeing Association (TMHWA).
  2. I authorise the use or reproduction of any image/recording referred to above for the purposes of publishing materials related to the activities, programs and services of TMHWA without acknowledgement and without being entitled to remuneration or compensation.
  3. The image/recording may appear in print, electronic, or video media, and may be may be available to a global audience through the internet.
  4. I acknowledge that ownership of any image/recording will be retained by TMHWA.
  5. I understand and agree that if I wish to withdraw this authorisation, it will be my responsibility to inform TMHWA in writing.