Men’s Circles

What is a men’s circle

Also sometimes known as a men’s group, men’s circles provide an opportunity for men to discuss the many things that they may find little chance to discuss with their families, work mates or at the pub. A men’s circle aims to create an environment of trust and support in which men can share their stories, learn to identify and enunciate their feelings, take ownership of them and grow as men within our community and families. Meetings can be anything from very intense, to very social and many men find them an important contribution to their lives. Some groups are always open to newcomers, whereas others have open sessions, where new men may attend and potentially join. Regardless, they aim to be inviting and supportive for new and experienced men alike.

The groups that are included here are independently organised and conducted and any requests for more information must be directed to the particular group identified in the listing.

If you belong to a men’s group not listed here and would like the information to be on the website, please send request to

A typical men’s group operating framework:


Hobart Men’s Circle

Where: New venue being organised

Meets: 6:30pm-8:30pm, Every second Tuesday.

This is an open, informal and flexible men’s group that maintains the guidelines set out in the Common Ground men’s program.

Contact: Alan 0411 038 717

Dodges Ferry Men’s Circle

Where: Red Ochre Beach, Dodges Ferry

Meets: Every second Monday

New men are invited to attend one of our Open nights, which are periodically run throughout the year.

Contact: Barry 0420 357 319

Old Farm Road Group

Where: Hobart various homes

Meets: Every Tuesday night

New men can come along to test the waters for three evenings and we’ll see how it goes from there.

Contact: David 0412 767 546


Where: Bahai Centre of Learning, 1 Tasmen Hwy, Hobart

Meets: Fortnightly on alternate Tuesdays 10:00am – 12:00 noon


Membership usually available. For men of 50 years and above

Contact: Alan 0411 038 717

SETAC – South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corp

Where: Cygnet

Meets: contact below 

For Community members that identify as being Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander

North West Tasmania

The Castra Road Group is based in Devonport.

Meets: Weekly on Monday Nights.

If you are interested in coming to a meeting please contact Adam.

Contact: 0418 564 824


Where: Dynnyrne, Hobart

Leader / Contact
Cole Bradshaw
0429 961 125

Launceston Men’s Community

Where: St Johns St, Launceston

Meets: Every Wednesday night

New men always welcome.

Contact: Find us on Facebook or Meetup.