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TMHWA Board members are volunteers. Meet the current Board members 2017 / 2018:

Paddy Murray, President. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and phone 0427837830

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Paddy has been involved with Tasmen and its gatherings for over ten years now. Originally living in NSW but has been in Tassie for 3 years now. His original training and work were in economics and business research. He has been involved more directly in men's work for 25 years with being trained as a counsellor. He set up a men's programme in western Sydney involving individual counselling and violence prevention groups. Work has also included running PTSD groups for Vietnam Vets and working as a Buddhist prison chaplain in a maximum security prison. He is keen to further the development of the Tasmen community. 
Video making and editing along with website development are his current interests and learning. 

Anthony Burrows, Secretary and Public Officer

Terry Howard, Treasurer

Gordon Robers, Member North West

Hi I have been involved in Tasmen now for twelve years.  Mainly attending the gatherings in March.  It has been the gatherings and the friendships made that have sustained me as a person.  Some of these friendship have continued to maintain contact and support me through out the year.  It has been the experience of friendship, love and trust that has kept me coming back.  Finally I took the big step to be an Affinity Group Leader this was a huge step and a huge learning curve for me.  The following year I helped with the training of Affinity Group Leaders in this I found this to be my greatest learning and greatest challenge. This is my second year on the committee.  I don’t normally jump into the middle of things so this is a bit new for me and in some ways I am still finding myself.  My main interest is in my own personal development/journey and supporting other people in their own journey. I currently work as a Social Worker in Mental Health. This wasn’t an area of work I sought out it happened as a second choice but i really enjoy it

Keith Smith, Member South

Lawrence Petersen, Member North


I’m from Portland, Oregon but have lived in California for a large part of my life as well as other places such as Washington D.C., San Antonio, Texas and Anchorage, Alaska. I have been an Air Force Russian linguist and radio operator (spy), a driver of courier motorcycles, buses, trucks and limousines and have been a massage therapist for the last fourteen years or so.

I have done a lot of travelling around the world and have been in Australia for over two years, now living in West Launceston with my Aussie wife, step-daughter and mother-in-law who all moved down to Tassie from Melbourne at different times. I have a massage studio in Launceston CBD. 
In 2011 I participated in an eight-month-long weekly men’s workshop called Breakthrough for Men on the Monterey Peninsula in California. After completing that program and then six weeks of processing time on my own at an ashram in India, I began to participate in leadership, helping to lead small groups and volunteering in other roles. Through the work I did in Breakthrough, I gained an appreciation of some of the issues and obstacles men face in life and learned some ways of dealing with them. I felt a strong calling to try to be a part of this journey for other men as well. This also led me to return to university to finish degrees in social science and arts and letters which I completed in June of 2017.





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