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Common Ground

"Most men don't have a life. Instead we have learned to pretend. Much of what men do is an outer show, kept up for protection. Like a tiger raised in a zoo - confused and numb, with huge energies untapped. He feels there must be more, but does not know what more is." ~ Steve Biddulph, Author of 'Manhood'

Common Ground Men's Groups are 8 week facilitated programs that challenge and enable men to build richer more fulfilling lives. Common Ground programs are offered annually for new participants in Hobart and Launceston.

Men of all kinds and ages join a Common Ground group. They join for their own reasons which may often include wishing to improve relationships with partners or family, dealing with a tough patch in their lives or simply wishing to better understand what drives them as a man. In many cases, a man comes because his partner can see that there is work to do.

Common Ground programs are non religious, down to earth, 'hands on' programs.

Within a Common Ground group you will explore the issues, the 'stuff,' and the challenges that are important to you and are common to most men. It's an exciting and pretty awesome 8 weeks, guaranteed.

Common Ground programs are run by ordinary men for men. The benefits may be enormous for you, the other men in the group, your partner, your family and into the wider community.

Background. Common Ground Men's programs were established in Queensland some 14 years ago. Each year they deliver some 18 programs across northern NSW and SE Queensland. TasMen has now brought the Common Ground program to Tasmania.

"The course is extremely well structured and organised. For me, and I am confident others share the same opinion; you jointly created an atmosphere of trust and safety. The time spent was unique and invaluable to be able to relate to fellow men without fear of judgement. So thank you for your time, consideration, sincerity and willingness to accept and assist in contributing to my life's journey. I feel and think of you not as facilitators, but friends of awareness and trust." ~ Chris, Qld. Common Ground particpant

The Tasmanian Common Ground programs are the same programs as delivered in Queensland. TasMen requested that Qld. Mens Wellbeing support us in bringing this program to Tasmania. They have done so and a big thank you to the good men at Queensland's Mens Wellbeing Assoc. See

Free Common Ground Information Evenings

We offer a free Information Information Evening before each 8 week Common Ground program starts. This allows you to 'try before you buy' if you wish, to meet and check out the program leaders, to find out more about Common Ground program and how it works, and decide if it is for you. Information sessions are relaxed, informal and partners are welcome to attend. Refreshments are served.

Common Ground Program 2018


Program. Next Program to be comfirmed in 2018.


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Common Ground Programs

  • Devonport - Register your interest. We will contact you with dates
  • Launceston - Register your interest. We will contact you with dates

*All local information (venue address etc) will be confirmed with you by your local Common Ground facilitator.

** Costs. Full Price $350, Early Bird $300 (pay in full up to two weeks prior to the program start date to be eligible), Concession $300. A minimum deposit of $50 is required prior to the start of your program to confirm your place.

money back guarantee. attend all 8 evenings and if you are not satisfied, your money back.

Struggling for $$'s? (Discuss with Tasmen). Dont let financial hardship or a lean time put you off. Contact us and we will work with you to come up with a plan.

We have to charge for Common Ground programs. If funds are an issue, we can normally work something out.

CLICK HERE to register your interest or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.

Why a Common Ground Men's Group?

There are profound benefits when men have the space and time to discuss the things that matter with other men. Common Ground groups provide a safe non-confronting atmosphere that supports your personal growth and raises awareness. It's about building something new on the inside from an authentic, masculine perspective.

Individuals and community organisations often ask us about men's groups and it's clear there is a genuine shortage of facilities and opportunities for men. Common Ground offers one of the few opportunities for men to gain new perspectives on issues and on life with other caring and informed men.

If there is no Common Ground scheduled in your area, or you want to be contacted by our Common Ground Program Manager, please fill in our ENQUIRY FORM or call 0419511351

Topics explored Together

Over the eight weeks you will explore the following:

A welcoming, discovering what we share as men and what's important to us.

Looking at our past to discover our present. Creating more understanding by exploring where we came from.

Creating greater awareness of how we were fathered. Examining role models to become our own man, and consequently become a better father and role model for future generations.

Finding the key that unlocks the door to positive relationships.

An understanding of where we draw our power and love from.

Understanding the relationships between these powerful forces and integrating them into the everyday fabric of our lives.

An essential open space to allow the group to explore other areas of interest.

Reviewing the the journey together.

Exploring and sustaining a dynamic men's group.


Feedback from Attendees

  • Immeasurable, I cannot describe the benefits, thank you so much.
  • I realise more of who I am and the way others see me.
  • I know my own emotions better.
  • I know how to handle situations in a new positive way.
  • I discovered men are better than depicted in the media.
  • I found I was not alone with my views and feelings.
  • I feel recharged from the course.
  • Better understanding of men’s issues and what they are.
  • The course has given me a clear sense of being and a sense of oneness about my emotions and myself.
  • Achieved something by telling my story, facing unresolved issues & gaining new friendships.
  • For me, participating in a Common Ground group was not about being less-than or wrong, it was about finding greater substance and love for my life in today's busy and challenging world. The flow on to my family, work and community is enormous. ~ Neil, age 52
  • It's just changed everything" ~ John R, age 43

...and a woman's view of Common Ground

  • My husband is more alive, our home life is so much more enriched & I feel excited about the future. Not only did I notice a change in him over the duration of the course, but he still meets regularly with his group and both he and I feel supported through this regular contact he has with the men he has made such an obviously deep connection with. I'm so glad he did Common Ground. ~ Caitlin

CLICK HERE to register your interest or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.

Common Ground Facilitators

Common Ground Facilitators are Tasmanian men from our TasMen community with extensive experience in men's work. They have all attended and assisted at TasMen Annual Gatherings, been through a Common Ground program as a participant, and undergone intensive Common Ground facilitator training. They are also part of a wider Australian Common Ground team linked to senior facilitators in Queensland.

While each Facilitator has his own style, they all share a common understanding of the art of facilitating a group of men in a way that enables each man to find his own truth, his own path and his own voice amongst men. Facilitators are watchful for advice giving, cross-talk, projection and other habits that get in the way of authentic connection between men. Their deep skill is the capacity to hold firm yet gentle boundaries to keep the groups safe without blocking the expression of what is real and authentic.

Looking for a Men's Group

TasMen believes that the best way for a man to join a mens group is through a Common Ground program run in their own region. Our Common Ground programs will get you jump-started with hands-on experience in the skills needed for a men's group that succeeds and survives.

TasMen has a list of existing Tasmanian Men's groups on this website.  Queensland Mens Wellbeing supports which is a new web resource for men and men's groups in these situations. Visit their web site and search for a men's group in your area!

TasMen partners offer a range of 'hands on' programs

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