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TasMen provides events and structured learning opportunities for men of all ages, beliefs and orientation. We formed as a Tasmanian association in 1999, are self funded and run by volunteers.

Our core belief is that we, as men, must take responsibility for our lives, our 'stuff', and our own personal growth. We also believe that support and good friendships help us do this.  We know that men can find sharing and learning in the presence of other men very powerful. This 'experiential' learning can have profoundly positive impacts. We can become fuller humans, better partners, better fathers, and develop a network of real friends and mates.  

At TasMen, we use the 'peer-to-peer' model of experiential learning. Here men meet as equals, follow clear guidelines, share from the heart, listen and learn. Every man who comes to a TasMen event is treated the same. They are respected and encouraged to both listen and be heard. We do not opperate as counsellors or therapists, but we do have deeply skilled, wise and brave men in our community who facilitate and lead.

The two key mens' programs that TasMen offer include; Common Ground and our annual Tasmanian Men's Gathering. We also support a number of Tasmanian mens groups.

'Common Ground' is an 8 week men's learning program. Common Ground programs have been running sucessfully in Queensland with our brother organisation for 17 years. They are tried and tested. These programs have changed men's lives, improved relationships within their marriages / partnerships and provided strong connection between the men who participate. Common Ground programs are fully facillitated, safe, and confidential.  They run as small groups over 8 weeks, one night per week. Typically they then continue as independent mens group providing ongoing support and learning for their members.

'Tasmanian Men's Gathering'. This is our major learning and connecting opportunity for men. The Gathering provides men with a safe, fully confidential space where they can talk, explore and share in openess, from their hearts and in the company of others. The weekend is deeply experiential, fun, fully catered and, it too can be life changing.  It is supported by a trained Care Team and led by experienced facilitators. Up to 80 men come to the annual March Tasmanian Men's Gathering from all arround Australia to experience this unique and powerful weekend.

Mens Groups and Networking. In Tasmania, we encourage the formation of supportive mens groups that may meet regularly. More broadly, we encouage the partnering and networking with our brother organisation, Queensland Mens Health and Wellbeing Association, who similarly offer events and Common Ground programs up the Eastern Seaboard. We believe that for men to feel whole, we need connection, support and the opportunity to heal, to be heard, to grow and to contribute to our families and our communities.

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