Tasmanian Men’s Gathering 2021

March 5th – 8th, 2021

Labour Day Long Weekend, Spring Beach Youth Camp,Tasmania

Community – Connection – Creation


Discovering the path that leads us there

We have been crafting our three day gatherings for over 20 years. We create a mixture, of drama, experience, workshops, small group work, laughter, fun and friendship, to help you make the next step in your journey.

13 men share the stories of their Tasmanian Men’s Gathering Experience.

Have a look at what they shared.

2021 Tasmen Gathering Overview



Cost: $460, includes workshops, events, accommodation and all meals.


 The $50 Discounts are available, for early bird booking, bring a mate, men under 35, father and son combos and pensioners. Combine two categories is available and it’s $100 discount. 


Note: To allow us to support men to attend who may not otherwise be able to, we ask you to please pay the full cost ($460) if you are able to. This allows us to support others’ attendance. It’s unfortunate but this years operating costs have gone up and so the more discounts that are availed of the less we can support others.


Location: Spring Beach Youth Camp, 138 Happy Valley Rd, Spring Beach (Orford) TAS 7190. 80kms (70  minutes drive) from Hobart. Lifts available from Hobart airport for interstate men.


When: Long weekend Friday 5th – Monday 8th March 2021. Arrive between 3pm and 6pm, Friday and finish at 3pm Monday.


If you would like to speak to someone for more information, please contact


Barry via email: barryfleming1@gmail.com to arrange a time to chat


 “This is profound work. I recognise the huge loving commitment of key organisers and I am grateful beyond words for this opportunity for men to be real, thoughtful, caring, open and loving together in a wider culture that seems to do all that it can to create wooden, closed, macho-mindless males when there’s such magnificence in each of us. Eternal thanks!”