The 20th Tasmanian Men’s Gathering 2017

'Lighting the Darkness'


March 10th–13th, 2017

Labour Day Long Weekend, Waddamana,Tasmania

20th TMG

In March 2017 we celebrate our 20th Tasmanian Men's Gathering.  Our theme is 'Lighting the Darkness'. Wow.

This 20th Gathering will be held over the Tasmanian Labour Day long weekend, March 10 -13, 2017.

Men from all across Australia are especially invited to come join us to make this a really special event. Men from Europe, New York, Malta, Hawaii, where ever, come on down to this unique and beautiful place, we will make you welcome and would love you to join us.

Tassie men, you know we luvs ya, come do the TMG thing with all your brothers.                                           

We are limited to 80 men, first in, best dressed. This will be a popular event, so get in early and REGISTER.

For First Timers. Our Men's Gathering's are an opportunity for men to take time out from the normal day to day. They are an opportunity to do stuff that is real, fun, and sometimes a bit edgy. For some men, these weekends are life changing. You do this in safety, supported, and encouraged to step out beyond your self imposed constraints and fears.

Last year, one man wrote to us and said "This is profound work. I recognise the huge loving commitment of key organisers and I am grateful beyond words for this opportunity for men to be real, thoughtful, caring, open and loving together in a wider culture that seems to do all that it can to create wooden, closed, macho-mindless males when there's such magnificence in each of us. Eternal thanks!"

TMG 2014 by Paul Hoelen Photography 181

So, what is a 'men's gathering'?

The Tasmanian Men's Gathering (TMG) is a safe, confidential platform for men to explore what it means to be a fuller man; to be authentic, to be spiritual, to learn about our personal 'stuff', to share and listen, to reconnect with old friends and make new ones and, most importantly, to have an amazing time. The food's pretty good too :-).

The weekend is a collective experience, which may be both edgy and challenging. This is not a workshop based gathering, nor do we all get naked and run around hugging trees and stuff (although that would be fun). So whatever, fears or preconceptions you may have around 'men's stuff', relax. Come along to your first gathering and find out for yourself.

The TMG is a 'safe space' held in the beautiful Waddamana valley, surrounded by tree lined hills with a creek flowing by. We use facilitated group work, group exercises, experiential learning and rites. We dig deep and explore each year’s theme at many levels. It's a process of surrender not submission, big difference. Each year's theme explores some aspect of what it is to be a man, yet each year, we come away lifted up, fuller in spirit, feeling stronger and more solid on our feet.

The TasMen gathering particularly welcomes new men and embraces the fullness of male diversity. Under our tent, there is room for all men. We don't care what orientation you have, what creed you adhere to, or the colour of your politics or skin. We do care that you come, bring you as you are, share, speak your truth and participate as best you can. 

This gathering is for men 18+ and older. Young men from 16 + may be considered if accompanied by a Guardian and by special application to the TasMen association. We also offer financial support for new men and up to 5 places for kitchen volunteers, who attend free, but also can attend the key ceremonies.

TMG 2002 - Seasons TMG 2003 - Great Relationships TMG 2007 - 10 Year Anniversary TMG 2006 TMG 2008 - Explore the Wild Man TMG 2009 - Unfolding Masculinity TMG 2005 No Man is an Island TMG 2015 - Coming Home TMG 2016 - Cultivating Presence


Registration is now open. Work your way through the process carefully. Ring us if you have any questions. 0423 353 752

Register Now

What your get for your $$$$'s.

EXPERIENCE & PERSONAL GROWTH: An amazing and life enriching weekend; good company, good food, new friendships, music and STUFF (lots of).

MEALS: All meals plus morning and afternoon teas and coffee from Friday night to Monday lunch.

ACCOMMODATION / CAMPING: This year will be different. We have up to 28 beds in shared houses with bathrooms and bedrooms. So, we have had to make decisions on who goes where. The bedrooms have single beds or doubles. Power in all houses but no mobile reception. Camping. Bring tents or request a shared tent or separate tent. See the Registration page where all is explained.

EXTRAS Lifts and Accom: For those that need lifts, we will try and arrange collection from the airport, rides to and from the location and billets for a night either side as indicated on your Registration Form. Make your needs clear on the registration form.


Own bedding / sleeping bag (pillows available but bring own pillow slips), a cushion or low camp stool with a supporting back, towels, torch, clothes and toiletries / medications. Clothes for both hot and cold, including sun hats for outdoor time. Slip off/slip on shoes are ideal for ease of entry to the tent. Note that there is no nearby store for forgotten items. If you're musical, bring an instrument. If you're camping, bring the stuff you need depending on whether you're from Interstate or local. See the Registration page.

Most importantly, bring you, just as you are, and maybe a little bravery, some nervousness, some WTF and some ‘life’s too short, lets do it’.


FULL FARE: $450 (see below for ways to save).

EARLY BIRD: It's good to be one of these. $50 saving. Pay by Feb 1. 2017

CONCESSION: Save another $50 - you know who you are :-). but you must have Com Gov. card.

BRING A MATE: Save $50. It's back, bring a mate who has never been to a TMG Gathering and you will get a discount of a further $50 but you got to let us know and the 'mate' needs to register and pay. :-) No imaginary friends.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Struggling for $$'s? (Discuss with TasMen). Dont let financial hardship or a lean time put you off. Contact us and we will work with you to come up with a plan.

We have to charge for the Gathering but if funds are an issue, we can normally work something out.


Waddamana Field Study Centre, Central Tasmania, some 90 mins drive from Hobart, some 2 hours from Launceston.  March, 10 -13th 2017

THE FINE PRINT. No photography (except by the TasMen photographer), no mobiles, no alcohol, no mind altering substances, full confidentiality and deep respect for others.

See you at Wadda, the TasMen Team.

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